Maverick Twists


Featuring uppers made from 3D diamond punched leather, providing a super-luxe feel to each option

Online Footwear & Sneaker Store

We at Maverick Twists are proud to present our unique and exciting range of footwear on our online footwear and sneaker store. Here you will find our interpretation of classic silhouettes, redefined with contemporary twists.

Our designer online footwear store offers a diverse collection of formal styles, sneakers and casual footwear to keep your footwear collection looking fresh and inspired wherever you may wear them. We offer a range of high tops, mid tops and low top sneakers, ranging from vintage inspired tennis shoes to contemporary hi-tec kicks.

Buy our super lite-weight sneakers for an extra comfortable ride, or formal boots for a little bit of a rock ‘n’ roll and rebellious edge. We hope you’ll find them here on Maverick Twists. Peace, love and shop our collection now…